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America's Leading Mining, Construction and Marine Equipment Exporter

  • Established 1983
  • Offices Worldwide

Company Announcement

Nationwide Equipment receives coveted "E" Star Award!

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New Equipment

Concrete Slip Form Pavers

Concrete Slip Form Pavers

  • Manufacturer: All Brands
  • Model: All Models
  • Year: New
  • Price: P.O.R.
  • Description: 
    • Numerous models available
    • Versatility
    • Fast Tracking Speed
    • Simultaneous Trimming and Pouring
    • Fast Concrete Loading
    • Molds customized for your requirements
    • Paving widths up to 50 ft. (15.2 m) and paving depths up to 19 in. (483 mm)
    • Wide Variety of Stringline, Clamps, Rods and Sensor Line Accessories Available

    Please contact the sales department for more information on models and specifications.
    *All pictures, illustrations and text are for informational purposes only.