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  • Established 1983
  • Offices Worldwide

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Nationwide Equipment receives coveted "E" Star Award!

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New Equipment

Dragflow Dredge

Dragflow Dredge

  • Manufacturer: 
  • Model: 
  • Year: 
  • Price: P.O.R.
  • Description: 
    • Mining, Industrial Waste, Dredging of Harbors, Clean-up of rivers, lakes and lagoons, Sand Extraction
    • Pumping Distance to 400 m
    • Booster pumps available
    • Dredging 30-40% solids
    • Dregding depths to 60+ m
    • Easy assembly
    • Low cost
    • Submersible hydraulic agitator pumps and cutters
    • Three-wire positioning system

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