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  • Established 1983
  • Offices Worldwide

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Nationwide Equipment receives coveted "E" Star Award!

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New Equipment

Amphibious Dredge Excavator

  • Amphibious Dredge Excavator

    Amphibious Dredge Excavator

    Caterpillar excavator mounted on a Kori Marsh Buggy.

    Custom designed for any size excavator - up to 70 tons.

    Sophisticated, modern, state-of-the-art Submersible Cutter Suction PUMP Head installed.

    Engineered brackets and piping for the pump and special hoses to produce as much volume as possible. The Hydraulic flows were checked and adjusted for maximum productivity.

    Proven to pump more than twice as much solids than conventional cutter suction dredgers.

    Lower cost and easier to maintain than traditional dredgers.

    6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch discharge.

    Goes where dredgers cannot.

    Any size available to meet your needs.

    Long Reach Boom type available - up to 75 feet reach.

    Payloads up to 50 metric tons.

    Pure solids pump over 1000 meters.

    Please contact the sales department for more information on models and specifications.
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