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America's Leading Mining, Construction and Marine Equipment Exporter

  • Established 1983
  • Offices Worldwide

Company Announcement

Nationwide Equipment receives coveted "E" Star Award!

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Equipment Sales, Service and Rebuilding Facility

Located on the north side of the city of Jacksonville, Florida, our sprawling facilities cover 24 acres. This site houses several departments dedicated to:

  • Customer Support
  • Equipment Maintenance (Repair and Rebuild Facilities, Paint Shop, Parts Department, Machine Wash)
  • Equipment Storage and Testing
  • Purchasing

This site is where we execute the rebuilding of any equipment that is in need of a second life. Our highly trained staff is among the best in the world in their respective fields and is extremely knowledgeable about how to accomplish high-quality rebuilds of hundreds of different types of heavy equipment. This location also serves as a test site for any customer who prefers to try out a piece of equipment they are interested in purchasing.

Nationwide Equipment Warranty

Our equipment rebuild program offers a high-quality process that will bring used equipment back up to near new standards for considerably less cost to the customer. This process is managed and executed by highly trained experts in the heavy-equipment industry. We maintain a high standard for the rebuild process by adhering to our quality control system to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer a Powertrain Warranty on select equipment models we sell which covers the engine, transmission and hydraulics for replacement parts upon arrival to your port. Inquire for details.

Certificate picture Nationwide Equipment Certificate of Warranty

Photos of Facilities